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Costa Barros Futebol Clube

Costa Barros Futebol Clube aims to train the youth of the local favelas and get them representing the teams in various local championships and cups.

Run by Lico, a former professional footballer at Botafogo, this is not just a futebol project – it is a social project with real resonance. The kids have to attend school as part of the project and they have discipline and good manners instilled in them. Some will make the grade as professional or semi-professional footballers. Others will at least gain an education and stand a much greater chance of keeping off the streets in the favelas.

The Team - Costa Barros Futebol Clube

The kids of Costa Barros Futebol Clube

Costa Barros Futebol Clube Team & Flag

Magma’s operation in Brazil, Magma Cerâmica do Brasil, is very pleased to sponsor Costa Barros Futebol Clube team shirts and offer a small donation to their operational costs.

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