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Magma Ceramics & Catalysts

Technical Ceramic & Refractory Products:

Magma Ceramics is a technical ceramic and refractory manufacturer and supplier with the capability and experience to supply high performance, precision made refractory ceramics to a wide variety of industries and market sectors. These include: glass and steel making, production of non-ferrous metal alloys, high temperature ceramics and many other products requiring thermal processing.

Refractory Manufacture:

We manufacture market leadingĀ technicalĀ ceramics and refractory products, from precision engineered blocks and full glass forehearths, to fired refractory shapes and crucibles – our manufacturing facilities enable us to produce specialist shaped products suitable for a wide range of applications.

Our highly experienced team is committed to supplying our customers with high quality, reliable, competitively priced refractory products, whilst ensuring the highest levels of service and support, throughout the duration of the project.

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