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The following information is intended as a general guide to assist in the selection and use of crucibles and obtain optimum performance. Whilst certain industry sectors have opted for specific refractory systems, there are no absolute rules governing the choice of crucible material quality.

We manufacture our range of crucibles, using a range of casting and pressing methods. These include:

  • Thixotropic casting
  • Freeze casting
  • Chemical casting
  • Isostatic pressing
  • Hydraulic pressing

Crucible Materials:

Alumina Crucibles
A high purity Al203 crucible which has good resistance to both acidic and basic slags.
It is used for a wide range of alloys and stainless steels in vacuum and air melting applications.

Maximum service temperature 1700oC.

Chrome Alumina Crucibles
The addition of chromic oxide to alumina increases the resistance to slag attack and hence
improves crucible life. Preferred material for more arduous air melting applications and for
copper based alloys.

Maximum service temperature 1800oC.

Magnesia Crucibles
This material has good resistance to basic slags and is used in the vacuum melting of superalloys, as it is non-wetted by Ni, Co and Fe based alloys.

Maximum service temperature 2500oC

Alumina Mullite Crucibles
The combination of alumina and mullite gives good thermal shock properties, but could be attacked by acidic slags at high temperatures. Used for rare earth alloy melting.

Maximum service temperature 1700oC.

Zircon Crucibles
A fine textured product, zircon has a good resistance to acidic slags and is mostly used for non-ferrous and precious metal melting – eg. Platinum.

Maximum service temperature 2400oC

If you would like specific information regarding any of our crucible products, please email our Technical Team who will be pleased to help, call us on +44 (0)1924 468201 or download more information by clicking the button below.

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