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Collaboration with G. W. Aru, LLC

October 1, 2018

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Reforming Catalyst Collaboration

I am very pleased to announce that Magma Ceramics and Catalyst are now working with G. W. Aru, LLC who are helping to develop and support the market for our new and innovative patent pending Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) catalyst.

Magma is proud to bring this new technology to market under our brand. We are delighted to be allied with G. W. Aru, LLC.

Magma has taken reforming catalysts back to first principles beginning with the carrier support and have executed a four-year multifaceted development program to examine and improve all properties impacting SMR catalyst performance. The result is a catalyst which provides:

  • A significantly stronger and higher porosity carrier
  • Carrier manufacturing with large flexibility in shape and surface texture design
  • Significantly higher GSA and activity
  • Ability to optimize nickel loading and placement
  • Anti-carbon carrier with novel promotion eliminating corrosive potash usage
  • Ability to custom manufacture for specific applications, tube layering and unique requirements of individual tubes in the SMR

The resulting benefits are:

  • Increased reforming efficiency
  • Smaller, lower capital-cost SMR designs for equivalent throughput
  • Reduced pressure drop, longer life reducing change out frequency and potential to equal tube life in some applications
  • Significantly reduced catalyst cost per volume of gas reformed
  • Applicable, compatible and easily usable in all primary and secondary reforming applications
  • Elimination of downstream corrosion and fouling issues possible with other manufacturers’ conventionally promoted catalysts

These are achieved with pelleted catalysts that are the same from a handling and loading perspective as currently used, including the ability to use in-tube temperature probes, but significantly advanced from a technology perspective. This eliminates the need for significantly more expensive, complex and difficult to use technologies (e.g., metal foils) proposed by others to achieve just some of these results.

Please see http://gwaru.com/ for more information about G. W. Aru, LLC

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